LosCon '94 Report

LosCon '94 Report

Just attended LosCon today and the B5 presentation, so I thought I'd give a simple report as to what happened. (I was the guy in the grey slacks, long-sleeve shirt and blue sweater standing in back for most of it)

Some spoilers are included in this, but I'll try and put them near the end and ^L'd off....

I also picked up a (music) CD. A review of it will be posted shortly (quick review: it's DAMN good. Get it, and crank it when you play it :)

I arrived about 15 minutes late, so I missed out on the blooper reel (ack) and any requests on what we could say and not. The presentation consisted of Peter Jurasik (Londo without the makeup), Harlan Ellison, Larry DiTillio (exec story editor) and JMS in that order on stage fielding questions from the audience. They did show about a minute from an upcoming episode (The Coming of Shadows, to be aired mid-January or so); details later.

Most of the questions and resulting answers (sometimes off on a random tangent) were fairly basic, but were generally very entertaining. The following section is 100% from memory, no notes, so I may be wrong on a few things. Some of the ones I remember:

Any comments/criticisms/ more info would be appreciated. Unless the info has been corroborated by JMS elsewhere, the above is not to be taken as canon or anything more than the products of my memory. In all, it was a fun 2 hours. The above is copyright (c) by Nathan Mates. Reprinting in a non-electronic medium is prohibited unless prior consent from me is obtained.

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