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Blogs are a form of postings on the internet by a person or team of people. They usually tend to be shorter than full essays and editorials, and are updated when the author(s) feel like. This makes them constantly new, and a good source of links to news and views that may not make it to the front page of a newspaper or your preferred newssite.

Most blogs fall into 3 categories: (1) diary blogs, where the author talks about events in their life for the world to see, (2) link blogs, where the author tends to link to articles/blogs/etc in almost every post, usually without much comment, and (3) essay blogs, where the author tends to go in-depth on a subject that interests them.

Here's a list of blogs I read on a daily (or more frequent) basis. They may link to other sites which I may read on a less-frequent basis. The order is roughly the order my bookmarks are in, which is alphabetical by the author's first name or the site's chosen name. Please don't ask to be added to this list, or why someone's on this list; this is what I've found I like.

Following are blogs from friends from church. Unlike the above list, I've met every single person. Presented alphabetically by username (true names not listed; click thru to see true name if that person wants to be public). If you're not on this list and think you should be, send me a link.
Comics I read