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Nathan Mates' Anime Pages

Projects for the Caltech Anime Society

For those of you who have too much time on your hands, here's some things to do:

*Putting out a Newsletter/APA/Fanzine.
*Producing Fan Subtitles
*Producing Fan Parody Dubbed Anime
*Writing a colaborative fan story (easiest online)
*Starting your own animation project
*Starting special interest sub groups for manga, costumes, videogames..
*Lobbying local art theatres to show touring 35mm anime
*Lobying local TV stations to show syndicated anime
*Setting up anime showings at sci-fi cons
*Starting your own anime convention
*Running an anime lending library
*Setting up a Japanese for anime fans class
*Having an anime Karaoke night
*Running anime-based role-playing games
*Design and build your own mecha
*Learn to cook odd foods from anime
*Set up mass excursions to stores selling anime related merchandise
*Hold a anime videogame tournament
*Hold a fan dubbing contest
*Hold a "create your own anime idea" contest
*Hold a "design your own mecha" contest
*Hatch a plot for world conquest and domination
*Try to translate something from scratch, anime or manga
*Design better packaging for Streamline's video tape releases
*Hack a SNES or SEGA RPG and insert your own anime based game
*Write an original anime inspired videogame on any platform
*Try to determine which brand of video tape is REALLY the best
*Go watch The Lion King enmasse and make rude comments loudly
*Try all the odd Japanese snack foods and write a FAQ
*Buy an old schoolbus and make it look like the catbus from Tottoro
*Have a "best anime drawing with ASCII characters" contest
*Build a satelite to pick up video from Japan
*Start a band to play anime cover tunes
*Design a new font for VIZ's subtitled releases
*Catalog every tape in your local Japanese bookstore/grocery in english
*Find old Betamax VCR's and repair them
*Design a T-shirt/Sweatshirt/Polo shirt for your club
*Buy a PC-9801 and anime games for $100+ and try to play them
*Convince your local hobbyshop to sell Sailor Moon cards
*Learn those hand-gestures from Shurato and Utsunomiko
*Actually cook and eat those recipies in Anime UK
*Trade anime with those unfortunate Brits and Aussies
*Edit anime music videos
*Hold an anime music video contest
*Develop a secret slogan and handshake
*Review CD's of idol singers
*Find the ultimate Japanese Dictionary
*Attempt to create anime hair colors and styles on each other
*Sculpt a bush to look like an anime character
*Sneak into video stores and put anime on every TV
*Find novel uses for those stickers in Anime V magazine
*Correct the English in Protoculture Addicts
*Create a fictional anime show and related merchandise
*Write a book about anime
*Write a column for a local newspaper on anime
*Start a scripts/synopsis library