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Nathan Mates' Personal Info Pages

Nathan Mates's Personal Info Page

This is the webpage intended to give you a short summary of who I am, etc, as if the rest of this website wasn't clue enough.

All the time, I try and be a Christian. Nobody's perfect, especially someone like me, so if you notice something amiss in my practicing of it, feel free to email me.

For those who care, I've tested to be an INTJ on the Myers-Brigs test. In case you give that any credence, the INTJ FAQ has a bunch of points about personality that most INTJs follow. I don't agree with all of it, but I'd agree with it more than not.

Updated 9/19/2003: I decided to create a list of CDs I own (but no commentary.)

Updated 9/7/2003: I decided to create a list of DVDs I own with some commentary.

My occupation is a software enginner in the videogames industry. If you're really interested in a little more detail as to what I've worked on, see my resume. An alternate list of titles I've worked on can be found on my games page.

Before Adrenalin, I was an undergraduate at the California Institute of Technology studying Computer Science.

* Biography, etc.
* How to contact me
* Probably outdated copy of my resume