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Nathan Mates' Videogames Page

I work as a videogame programmer. By way of some blatant plugs for products I'm working on or have worked on, my current employer is Total Immersion Software, Inc.. Previously, I worked at Pandemic Studios, on a series of titles including, but not limited to, their first and last shipped titles. A short summary of the games I've worked on is:

In all of the below, I was one of the team of programmers at the developer:

Extra items I've been involved with after some of the above have shipped

* You can download the latest Battlezone II 1.3 patch from my website.
* Tips for BZ2 Multiplayer
* Battlezone 2 Scrap Management Guide
* I'm a unix-using geek, and so I should have a .plan file. I do now, and made a webpage that's automatically built from it. See it here.

* I've documented up the easter eggs, NPC CPU opponent tables, and PSX/Saturn diffs for Ten Pin Alley. You can view it here.

The best place to discuss Battlezone II is at http://bzforum.matesfamily.org/ . Go there for all sorts of technical questions, etc.

My previous employer was Adrenalin Entertainment, working on writing video games. The second title I worked on at Adrenalin was Brunswick Circuit Pro Bowling, published by THQ. For PCs running Win95, DX5, 16MB Ram, and a P133 or better (HW 3D accelerator recommended), there is a demo on the PC Gamer (US) magazine CD for September 1998. Also, many download points for the PC demo are listed at http://www.3dfxmania.com/games/brunswickcircuitprobowling.shtml.

A PSX demo of Brunswick Circuit Pro Bowling should be on one sampler disc, but I don't follow that information too closely, sorry. You can view the PC Gamer preview (of 9/9/98) here, THQ preview of the game here (PC) or here (PSX). This game has gotten 89% in the Jan 1998 PC Gamer Magazine, and a 'B+' rating from PC Games, with some online reviews here, here, and here.

My first game was porting Ten Pin Alley, a bowling game, to the Sega Saturn.You can also view ASC's Ten Pin Alley page. A few reviews were at http://www.saturnworld.com/thin/reviews/1795.html, http://www.sega-saturn.com/saturn/software/tpa.htm, and http://www.gamefan.com/saturn/Ten_Pin_Alley/reviewspreviews.htm but those sites are about as dead as the Saturn in the US market. (Other reviews to be linked in if I can find any)

I've documented up the easter eggs, NPC CPU opponent tables, and PSX/Saturn diffs for Ten Pin Alley. You can view it here.