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All the things I was bored enough to type in. A resume is available online, but I've already got a job.

* Born October 16, 1974 to Michael and Elizabeth Mates in Canandaigua, New York.
* Jeremy Mates born July 2, 1976.
* Lived in Claremont, CA from 1978-1982, Seattle WA 1983-1984.
* My parents got jobs teaching at the International School of Islamabad (ISI), in Islamabad, Pakistan. (A country in Asia, surrounded by Iran, Afghanistan, China, and India). We moved there, and I went to shool there from 1984-1992.
* I graduated from ISI in June 1992, undergraduate studies at the California Institute of Technology from 1992-1996.
* Entered the full-time workforce July 1996, writing video games for Adrenalin Entertainment.
* Married Andrea Wong in August, 2006. Children born in 2009, 2011.
* Worked at Pandemic Studios from 1998 to 2009.
* Worked at Total Immersion Software since 2009.

* Grow more
Lead my family well.

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