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Plan Archives from October 2001.

Login name: nathan    			In real life: Nathan Mates
Directory: /home/nathan             	Shell: /bin/tcsh
Job: Network Programmer, Battlezone 2, developed by Pandemic Studios http://www.pandemicstudios.com , published by Activision http://www.activision.com [Note: in this, I am *NOT* speaking officially for either of those, I'm only speaking for myself.]

10/25/01: See today's entry on http://www.bluesnews.com/ for a bit of one project that Pandemic is doing. BZ2 types might recall a Mr. Wil Stahl, who is on that project. The BZ2 team has been split in various directions-- I count people from BZ2 working on at least 4 separate projects for Pandemic now.