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Login name: nathan    			In real life: Nathan Mates
Directory: /home/nathan             	Shell: /bin/tcsh
Job: Network Programmer, Battlezone 2, developed by Pandemic Studios http://www.pandemicstudios.com , published by Activision http://www.activision.com [Note: in this, I am *NOT* speaking officially for either of those, I'm only speaking for myself.]

12/22/00: It was just about a year ago today that Battlezone 2 was declared Gold. What a year it's been. Three patches were released, the last of which we at Pandemic wanted to be official, but was declared otherwise.

It's been a year of much enjoyment, and many annoyances on all sides. I've enjoyed playing the game with many people, and trying to fix things.

As many may have noticed in reading the message boards, the Battlezone 2 team has moved on to other projects by now. Several people have moved to other companies; everyone that remains has been working on other projects for months. As a result, the future of the game is really in your hands-- that of the Battlezone 2 community. It's up to you to produce new maps, new missions, new addons. It's up to you to be polite and work together. It's up to you to invite new people into the BZ2 fold. Our work is in your hands now-- do us proud.

12/19/00: Just watched Battlebots. Randy Eubanks's _Golddigger_ won. Congrats! [He used to work at Adrenalin Interactive when I worked on a previous game.] It's good to see old friends do well.

12/8/00: Just a personal plug for what I think is a very worthy cause: blood donations. No matter what political stripe you are, such donations are usable by anyone, and there's a severe need for donations this time of year.

I've been giving blood for 2-3 years now. Drop by http://www.redcross.org/biomed/help/helpbd.html to see how you can help out.