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Just an hour a day...

How much time do you give explicitly to God? Let's be nice and average it over the week so you can count Church on Sunday as 2 hours. If we're really nice, we'll chalk you up for about 2-3 hours of Bible Study and fellowshipping during the course of the week. Add in 20 minutes of daily prayer, and you're up to nearly 7 hours over the week, an hour a day.

But, how much of that was with God, and how much was with others? Prayers and maybe singing at church/study are about the only things on there that's between just you and God, the one who created, molded, and sustains you. Imagine spending a full hour a day with God in prayer and singing. All that time that you could be doing something else, you're glorifying God. All that time to spend an hour our of the twenty-four in a day. All that time spent doing that every day for the rest of your life. All that time.

All that time is only 4% of your life. Doesn't God deserve a little better than that?

Nathan Mates
(Yes, I didn't think it was that low either at first)

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